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Bitcoin [BTC]: Binance’s CZ and Ryan Selkis try to predict BTC’s maximum value in the future

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Bitcoin outperformed banks stocks

Since the beginning of the year, the first cryptocurrency has risen in price by 36.5%. At the same time, quotes of the largest banks lost in value, according to Ryan Selkis, founder of Messari.
So, JP Morgan securities lost 37.2%, Bank of America shares fell by 38.4%, while Citi fell by 47.4%. Wells Fargo quotes showed the greatest drawdown, having decreased by 55.3%.
Today, the average market price of bitcoin is $9,780, the cryptocurrency has strengthened by 1.87% in 24 hours. Since mid-March, BTC has risen in price by more than 2.5 times.
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Messari CEO: Unable to measure Bitcoin's future value at thousands or millions

Messari CEO: Unable to measure Bitcoin's future value at thousands or millions
Messari CEO Ryan Selkis tweeted that given that no fiat currency has ever survived a devaluation, it is not possible to measure the future value of Bitcoin at thousands or millions. Technically, its upside is unlimited. A $ 250,000 bitcoin means the dollar has lost its status as a reserve currency and is exacerbating inflation. By contrast, CEO BB replied that Bitcoin will soon reach this level without the need for a financial collapse.
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US Authorities Arrest Alleged SIM Swappers After Crypto Thefts

The FBI arrested two Massachusetts residents Thursday on charges of attempting to steal cryptocurrency and hijack social media accounts from individuals by “SIM swapping” their phones.

According to a press release, the U.S. Department of Justice has charged Eric Meiggs, 21 and Declan Harrington, 20, on counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, computer fraud, abuse and identity theft for allegedly targeting cryptocurrency company executives and other individuals “who likely had significant amounts of cryptocurrency,” as well as those “who had high value or ‘OG’ (slang for ‘Original Gangster’) social media account names.”

The two allegedly sought to steal more than $550,000 in cryptocurrency from 10 different individuals, and apparently secured access to two social media accounts.

The victims were not identified, though the indictment briefly described several of their connections to the crypto space. One victim owned a bitcoin teller machine, while another ran a “blockchain-based business.”

A number of individuals in the cryptocurrency space have fallen victim to SIM swapping, when attackers pose as the owners of a cell phone number, convincing cellular service providers to give them access to the victims’ accounts. By taking control of a cell phone number, attackers are able to log into social media and sometimes crypto exchange accounts, giving them access to users’ holdings and digital presence.

Messari’s Ryan Selkis, Coin Center’s Neeraj Agrawal and VideoCoin’s Seth Shapiro have all reported facing such issues in recent weeks.

Michael Terpin, a prominent investor in the crypto space, has filed lawsuits after being SIM swapped, taking on both his mobile provider AT&T and the alleged perpetrator. While his case against AT&T is ongoing, he won $75 million in a case against Manhattan resident Nicholas Truglia, 21.

Similarly, Seattle-based Gregg Bennett is suing Bittrex, claiming the exchange failed to act in time to protect against a SIM swap targeting the angel investor.
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An Alternative Mindset to CryptoCurrency

Disclaimer: Every Coin I mention in the below I own and have owned for awhile
With that out of the way, the point of this post isn't too shill any specific coin, but use real world examples to illustrate why I think a lot of the ideas and metrics thrown around here (and the Crypto Community in general) aren't using the proper frameworks to evaluate these coins as investment opportunities.
First, STOP USING MARKET CAP. Seriously, it could not be a worse metric for the assets we are comparing. Market Cap is used to find the EQUITY VALUE of an entity or corporation. It is NOT the total value of an asset. These currencies are, in and of themselves, the total value. So saying that Bitcoin is more valuable than xyz company is not correct. Bitcoin is not a company and it has no equity value or cash flows. A more relevant comparison is the M3 Money Supply, which essentially includes all very liquid fiat denominated assets (and fiats themselves). If you take that view of CryptoCurrencies, they are dwarfed by other Currencies (US has an M3 of 13.7 trillion). You could also use comparisons to other hard assets, like Gold, which has a total value currently of ~$8 trillion. However, On top of that, it fundamentally misunderstands what CryptoCurrencies are.
Despite the name, MOST CRYPTO CURRENCIES, TODAY, ARE NOT ACTUAL CURRENCIES and only a few of them even want to be. And because each Crypto represents a different addressable market, you can't use marketcap to compare them to each other, either. Ryan Selkis had a tweet yesterday about Ripple being the a top 30 currency worldwide, which, of course, clearly misunderstands what tokens like Ripple, Stellar, IOTA, BAT, etc etc actually represent. Ripple's value isn't as a currency as you an I look at it, it's as a piece of technology to be used within a product. Same with the others. XRP is meant to be the settling mechanism within an electronic transfer mechanism. Currently, SWIFT transfers almost $1.25 Quadrillion dollars worth of transactions a year. XRP is meant to be that settling mechanism, which means that comparing it to other currencies as a valuation mechanism is incorrect, because that's not how it's being used. It's being used as a token to settle those $1.25 quadrillion in transactions. Yes, I know there hasn't been widespread adoption of the XRP token, but this is illustrative.
That brings my to my next point Ryan Selkis also had a medium article yesterday that said "all utility tokens are going to zero", which struck me as particularly narrow minded. The fact that utility tokens are just means of settling a transaction and are then often immediately turned into FIAT doesn't make them worthless, that's a fundamental misunderstanding of economics. First, you have to assume that there is a perfect equilibrium of supply and demand. Which as you see in a case like XRP above, wouldn't be the case. So XRP would, based on simple supply and demand, have a value because demand exceeds supply (same is true for the others). Secondly, the point becomes that even more mute if you take into account things like XRP (same for stellar) saving more on a transaction over that of a non-XRP currency designed by a third party, you see that the value is at least the difference in transacting fees. So even at a base level, if you believe XRP will be adopted by banks (i'm not saying one way or the other, but I do believe SWIFT is for sure on the way out), then it has inherent value as well as value based on simple supply and demand.
Which brings me to my final point, given these points, how should we view the investing landscape. It is not fair to call it "speculation", that people might invest in Lumens, XRP, IOTA, ADA, etc based on their potential and not their current working products. Why is that? Because ICOs are, for the most part, just seed and angel investing funding rounds. No one here is calling out Andreessen Horowitz for "speculating" despite the fact that many of their portfolio companies don't have sales or working products. They use different metrics to evaluate prospects. What does the underlying tech (coin) look like? What is the addressable market for that tech (coin)? What does the road map look for adoption? How experienced and good is the team? Those are the types of questions I have asked myself as an angel investor in the past. And they are the types of questions I ask myself as a Crypto investor now. It's not about market cap or currency comparisons, it's much more nuanced than that.
Again, that's just my two cents as someone who's worked around tech investing and investment banking, so feel free to rip me apart.
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Tom Lee  Get Ready for Bitcoin's Price Explosion Why a Strong Dollar Benefits Bitcoin  Messari CEO Ryan Selkis Explains BITCOIN (BTC) BREACHING ‘THIS LEVEL’ WILL TRIGGER MARKET FIREWORKS  $3B in Stablecoins Ready To Go WTF Happened to BITCOIN?! - YouTube Digital Currency Has Real Value — Here’s Why  CNBC

Of course, crypto was referenced in passing, with Selkis noting that the potential pandemic “will tell us quite a bit about how bitcoin and crypto ecosystems respond to disruptive macro events ... He believes however that the value of bitcoin in the nearest future isn’t measured in the thousands or millions. Responding to CEO Ryan Selkis, co-founder of EOS and CEO of, Brendan Blumer, is of the opinion that BTC is on a pathway toward $250,000 irrespective of what happens in the traditional markets. By Ryan Selkis. Updated May 20, 2020. ... In addition, the fair value of bitcoin can be calculated using the principles of demand and supply of bitcoin available on the blockchain. If there is a ... With the rise of altcoins and stablecoins, the value of ETH comprises only 51% of its blockchain, according to Messari's CEO. According to Ryan Selkis, CEO of Messari, a cryptocurrency analytics company, the added value of all ERC-20 tokens has increased dramatically to $ 25.6 billion and is now responsible for 49% of the total assets of the Ethereum blockchain. . Ryan Selkis is the founder and CEO of Messari, an online database for the crypto industry that provides data insights, pricing and research on crypto assets through an open source library of ...

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Tom Lee Get Ready for Bitcoin's Price Explosion

This is a recording of the conference call held on September 7th with Chris Burniske, Ari Paul, Ryan Selkis and Stephen McKeon each bringing their perspectiv... The American Bitcoin Academy seeks to bring Education, Trust and Prosperity to the Bitcoin world. Visit and see way Bitcoin is... At least for some, bitcoin is seen to have both scarcity and utility. That makes it valuable. ... Digital Currency Has Real Value — Here’s Why CNBC. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is ... Bitcoin finally broke sentiment $10,000 price point, but not for too long. Despite the short term volatility it has a huge long term upside potential. In this video a notorious bitcoin bull Tom ... Messari co-founder and CEO Ryan Selkis explains the aftermath of the halving, where crypto fits into the macroeconomic structure, and why the stock market is rising despite a faltering economy ...