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Looking for BCH testnet API

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find a publicly accessible Bitcoin Cash testnet API that doesn't require an account or at the very least doesn't need my private keys, and supports both address balance lookups and posting of raw transactions. I'm using Bitcoin ABC to support this functionality locally but I also need to be able to do this through a remote RPC API (preferably JSON-based).

Here's a quick rundown of where I've looked so far:
This seems like the most obvious option and supports the functionality I'm looking for but it appears that it's only for livenet. For example, here's a testnet address with a little over 0.5 tBCH:
...the API call, however, doesn't like this address:
{"error":"Invalid network. Trying to use a testnet address on mainnet, or vice versa."}
Maybe there's another API endpoint I should be using here? Unfortunately I'm not seeing it in the documentation.

The API documentation doesn't appear to include posting of transactions, raw or otherwise, and the Broadcast Raw Transaction page appears to be for Bitcoin only.

This API appears to require the BlockTrail SDK and the "Sending Transactions" section seems to indicate that it uses a custodial/shared account model: "The SDK handles all the logic of creating the transaction, signing it with your primary key and sending it to the API so can co-sign the transaction and send it to the bitcoin network."
Although I understand that it's not the same thing, to me this isn't too far from requiring my private keys (i.e. it's a loss of signing control).

This API supports tBCH but uses hosted wallets (i.e. requires an account and private key[s]).

The API documentation has a section on broadcasting transactions but only lists bitcoin, bitcoin-cash, ethereum, and litecoin as available chains.

Requires an account (API key) but appears to support the tBCH functionality I'm looking for. It's on the back-burner if I can't find anything else.

It looks like this API requires the developer to create and host a wallet with them in order to send transactions. I'm not sure if I'd have any control over the private key(s) here.

Appears to require an account and doesn't appear to fully support the functionality I'm looking for.

If I've missed anything or I'm mistaken about what I've looked into I would very much appreciate your feedback! More importantly, if you know of a service that I haven't listed and that can do what I need it to do I thank you in advance for sharing it.
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