Court Dismisses Coinlab’s MT Gox Claim – Trustnodes

MtGox outstanding loans to Karpeles' companies

I believe that at the creditors meeting it was was mentioned that there was $12 million odd USD of outstanding loans from MtGox to Tibanne, Bitcoin Cafe ,3D Shade and Karpeles himself.
Did the administrator say he would be attempting to seek the repayment of these loans for the benefit of the creditors?
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This is a picture of Mark Karpeles' cat Tibanne sitting on a keyboard. The beauty of bitcoin is that it will always be possible the Mt. Gox "hack" was caused by the cat stepping on a few buttons, sending Gox's coins off to some random address.

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I am Tibanne the Cat. I was a member of the Bitcoin Foundation until they fraudulently kicked me out, suspended my account, and blocked my forum access. AMA.

I was a member of the Bitcoin Foundation. I paid a member fee. They found me after my name hit the front page of reddit here: ... further proof that I am the one who created the account is here: ... they never e-mailed me back after my multiple e-mails to them asking to point me in the section of their bylaws which shows: "policy of not allowing individuals to use (1) company names (2) only symbols / numbers (3) joke names." - I received no "Anonymous" status as their e-mail to me says. My account has been deleted, and my forum access has been shut down. Further forum proof: - I am only doing this since a few people have requested this. And no, I have not been refunded. Ask meow anything.
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I will be speaking to one of the Directors of a Tibanne Ltd subsidiary next week, I want to ask questions on behalf of the bitcoin community. hear me out

soo... I will be in a position next week to talk to 2 directors of tibanne ltd subsidiary (the third director being mark himself) whos business model is fundamentally linked to mt gox
long story short, I would like to be a voice for the people who need it and am willing to ask the questions they want . I cannot guarantee answers..but will try get them.
I'm kind of looking to speak to a representative of the bitcoin community as a whole to see what the main questions I should ask are...not the media bullshit we've been reading.
if anyone would like to contact me regarding what questions to ask..or how legitimate my source is (and me) please go ahead and message me through reddit.
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MtGox ( Tibanne ) Claims Bitcoin.London Domain with Trademark ( Bitcoin )

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Bitcoin SARL – cancellation proceedings on OHIM against Tibanne ( Mt.Gox ) “Bitcoin” Trademark

Tibanne KK, the parent company of the now-bankrupt Japan-based bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, is currently searching for investors to buy the company’s trademark rights to the word “bitcoin”.
The company first acquired the trademark in 2011, and the rights to associated protections are not set to expire until 2021 in the EU and in 2022 in Japan.
EU Trademark N° 010103646
Read the article here:
It is more than a ethical question for us, to not let Tibanne ( Mt.Gox ) profit on the Bitcoin community anymore.
For this reasons we decide to file cancellation proceedings on OHIM with following grounds :
Registration in breach of Article 7
If the CTM at the time of registration was objectionable under any of the grounds listed in Article 7 it is liable to be cancelled.
The CTM application was filed in bad faith
The applicant was acting in bad faith when he filed the application for the CTM it is liable to be declared invalid.
CTM becoming misleading
The mark by the proprietor or with his consent the mark is liable to mislead the public particularly concerning the nature, quality or geographical origin of the goods or services for which it is registered.
CTM becoming a generic term
The trade mark has become the common name in trade for a product or service for which the CTM was registered.
An executive from Tibanne told The Wall Street Journal that, as a result of Mt. Gox’s collapse, the company simply wasn’t using them anymore.
Supporters to cover the cancellation proceedings costs are welcome : BTC : 1PTHbH7zdhSx2HLmjHzYEktAXUMtJi15Xq
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MtGox ( Tibanne ) Claims Bitcoin.London Domain with Trademark ( Bitcoin ) | The Bitcoin News

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Cancellation proceedings on OHIM against Tibanne ( Mt.Gox ) “Bitcoin” Trademark

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Let's have a show of hands - Who supports the IFP (dev-tax)?

Or, more importantly, who is against it? It seems to me that almost the entire community is against this major change but it would be good if this is made clear in one place. It seems also that most of the people against this are well-known OG bitcoiners.
If you are against the current proposal as outlined by BitcoinABC HERE please make a top-level comment below (i.e. not a reply to another comment) stating:
Against IFP
If you run a BCH business, piece of infrastructure or project please add:
I will add all names to a list below.
It is important to know this as this is what BCH is potentially set to lose should this go through. My hope is that if miners can see how much of the ecosystem is against this then they will reconsider.

Businesses, Infrastructure, Projects & Institutions



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We must become organised to stop a corruption of the BCH protocol

Yesterday BitcoinABC released version 0.21 of their client. In this release a consensus rule is included that requires all BCH miners to pay 5% of their block subsidy and 5% of the fees they receive to a set of up to 4 BCH addresses. These addresses are controlled by:
This significant change in the protocol is to be activated using a BIP9 method. It will activate when at least 66% of 2016 blocks are produced by miners running their new release. There is no end date for the tax once it has been activated, so it will go on indefinitely unless manually removed with another hardfork.
This is occurring in the context of an almost unanimous opposition by the BCH ecosystem of businesses, miners, projects and users. This is something that they are fully aware of and have decided to ignore and push ahead anyway.
While it is of course true that the community needs to make sure there is sufficient funding for the projects within the BCH ecosystem that deserve it, and that the funding is provided voluntarily, there are currently numerous efforts under way to create software that makes this as simple as possible. For example, Flipstarter, U-DID, , and pool Donations. There is also a significant amount of will in the community to provide funding if sensible and concrete proposals are put forward.
This change is not only a fundamental change to the properties of Bitcoin as described in the original whitepaper, but has the high likelihood of causing a major split if the entire ecosystem does not work towards stopping it from happening.
Many of us are now organising an effort to oppose this fundamental change. We need as much of the ecosystem as possible to put their effort into stopping this if you don't want this to happen, so please join us at:

In the interest of showing again just how much of the ecosystem is against this change I have added the list again below.

Businesses, Infrastructure, Projects & Institutions



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Detailed crypto background check on u/Tibanne

Of u/Tibanne's last 1073 posts (73 submissions + 1000 comments), I found 890 in cryptocurrency-related subreddits. This all the data I found:
Subreddit No. of comments Avg. comment sentiment Total comment karma No. of posts Avg. post sentiment Total post karma
Bitcoin 5 0.05 -2 0 0 0
Bitcoincash 1 0.0 1 1 0.0 1
BitcoinMarkets 1 0.0 1 1 0.0 1
btc 811 0.13 3117 45 0.09 1383
Buttcoin 1 0.28 (quite positive) 3 0 0 0
Crypto_Currency_News 1 1.0 (very positive) 1 0 0 0
helloicon 1 0.02 1 0 0 0
litecoin 17 0.17 11 0 0 0
Monero 2 0.16 3 0 0 0
CryptoCurrency 3 -0.08 5 0 0 0
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March 20th 2019 Creditors Meeting Q&A

As usual the documents distributed during the creditors meeting are available from the website.
Meeting started at 13:30, Q&A at 14:02. Next creditors meeting will be held October 1st 2019 at 13:30.
Apart from what is written on the report, the trustee mentioned that large claims in assessment could make it difficult for civil rehabilitation to continue moving forward, and also mentions that seeing how bitcoin price dropped it might be better to sell. He asked people in the room at the end who was for selling BTC (0% responded "for", ~20% responded "against") but mentioned he wouldn't be bound by this and would act in the interest of creditors with approval of the court.
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Happy Tipping Tuesday!

It's Tuesday and it's a happy day because over the weekend I found out chaintip is back and working. So why not celebrate it with a new Tipping Tuesday thread! What's a better way to help spread economic freedom to the world than showing the power of micropayments. Anyone anywhere in the world can send and receive Bitcoin (BCH) to each other, any amounts small and large, right now. Nobody has to wait years for new technology to develop.
Special shout out to tibanne who manages the chaintip bot and getting it back online. And don't forget you can still tip with tippr bot.
Other reasons to celebrate and be excited about BCH just in the past few days!
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MtGox claim assessment form for people whose claim was rejected fully or partially (help available in the comments)

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Brock Pierce claims Mark Karpeles offered him to buy Tibanne to go after a 82k BTC claim while he's in prison

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You can now use chaintip to tip people for their posts/comments on censored subreddits.

Private message chaintip with a link (url) to the post or comment whose author you'd like to tip, and you'll be sent instructions to tip them.
This idea was suggested to me by u/Erdogantalk and it's useful in places like r_bitcoin (we all know what happens there) or r_india where the gov could control the subreddit and doesn't want cryptocurrencies becoming popular.
Want to test it out? Click here.
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MtGox Trustee has sold some BTC and BCH

35841 BTC sold for 38,231,389,537 JPY 34008 BCH sold for 4,756,654,806 JPY
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Introducing BitListen.Cash (BCH fork of

Hi Everyone!
Yesterday morning, I came across a comment on this sub where someone was asking if anyone had forked for the BCH blockchain. Nobody said they had, and I couldn't find a fork... so, I made one!
The site allows you to visualize and listen to the transactions as they are pushed to the network. Personally, I think the "Planet" instrument is the best. It's cool to sit around with the blockchain singing in the background while I work.
Enjoy, and please spread this around! https://BitListen.Cash
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Creditors meeting notes from 20 March 2019


Creditors meeting notes from 20 March 2019

March 21, 2019Andy Pag
I attended the meeting with a whispering translator, who is up to date with the case and did a great job, so I feel I understood the meeting well.
There were about four creditors from the group who attended, and a few others creditors too. There were lots of lawyers too. One law firm sent a team of 5-6.
The first 35 minutes the trustee went through his report which you can see online. I thought he really took his time to explain the challenges we’re facing, and was more open and candid than he’s been in the past.
Acccounts: Cash and deposits: total 69.5B jpy. It has decreased by 120mJPY [about $1m since last meeting]. 15b JPY is in trust. [This is to guarantee the BK payout equality]
About 140K BTC and 140 BCH. He’s continuing to investigate the losses to see if there are any other recoveries.
He also acknowledged that there are Altcoins, and that creditors have the right to recoveries from the value they represent. [This is the first time he’s acknowledged this]
Self Assessment claims [Zombie claims] He explained that the CR statute is different from the BK statute in that it dictates the requirement to create claims for all those who may have a claim, even if they don’t come forward. He later listed the value of these. You can see them in Annex2 of his report. Never filed zombie claims are worth 89k BTC BK filed zombie claims are worth 44k BTC
Non exchange related claims There are 7 creditors filing claims unrelated to the exchange. He didn’t say it but these include Tibanne and Coinlab
[for background and not mentioned in the meeting, Tibanne’s claim relates to bitcoins owned by them which were being held in gox’s cold wallets. I’ve been told that typically BK claims between parent and child companies like this, are dismissed by the JP courts as a wash. 0 to everyone)
Checking your claim Online claim filers can check their filing online Offline claim filers will be emailed with the address they gave at time of filing. [more on this in the questions.]
Future process Both coinlab and tibanne have filed appeals against assessment [FYI the process is, you file a claim, trustee rejects it, you apply for reassessment (which is generally called “assessment” and the court rules on it. If it’s rejected you can go to litigation, with 2 rounds of appeal to higher courts.- that whole process would take several years]
Tibanne has filed for reassessment of their 82kBTC, Coinlab has filed for reassessment of their $16b
Exchange related claims are worth 802kBTC [note compare that to 799kbtc under BK, it’s almost that same ammount, so opening to refiling hasn’t diluted our share – not withstanding zombie claims which are not included in that 802k total.] This figure is open for review, up to the 29th of March, and creditors can file objections to these claims (both to approved ones, and rejected ones) before that date. [note this is what we are doing re zombie claims] In total 1085k btc claims were filed but only 802k were rejected. You can see the list at the court.
Decisions that are rejected under (re)assessment can file a petition with the court between 30march and 7 May. After that their claim has no more standing.
The trustee continues to investigat the theft but due to a scarcity of information he’s not built a full picture of what happens.
The US DoJ brought charges against Vinnik, Part of charges were that he obtained value from Mt Gox. Depending on outcome of that trial and investigation, there may be some recoveries.
Tibanne is in BK, It has rejected the claim made against it by the truestee of mt gox. And that claim is now under re(assessment).
MK is in BK, [not sure I understood this right]. Mt Gox claim against MK for 20m JPY, He was found not-guilty of fraud, but guilty of manipulation of records and has a suspended sentence.
Moving from BK to CR means he has had to inform outside jurisdictions that this has happend. [He kind of snuck this past everyone, but I think what this means that there are other stayed lawsuits against Mt Gox outside Japan, which can recomense again now, that Gox isn’t under BK protection. – I’ve heard not from a lawyer, that this could lead to other claims against the CR entity futher down the road.]
The deadline for the CR plan submission is April 26th, but due to coinlab and tibanne case, he will not meet this deadline. [more on this in the questions]
Questions Andy’s Qs: Is coinlab’s claim size an abuse of process – didn’t answer it specifically. Wada was in the room, and on record it’s not surprising, but I wanted to ask the question in front of the judge. I discussed this as a strategy with Sekido. I will follow up when I meat him on Friday in private. But what’s good about that is that he didn’t say no. The Trustee and Coinlab will make submissions to the court, and judgement in the coinlab case will come “as soon as possible” – no indication on that being days and weeks months years decades… Voting rights for coinlab. Part of assessing the claim is to asses the voting rights that go with that claim. Coinlab’s claim was rejected so got 0 voting rights. However creditors can apeal to the court to exercise their voting rights, so the court will decide. Coinlab’s claim is enormous so the court will decide, and there is a big question over how this will be handled. The process (CR plan filing) will be delayed until assessment is finished. I can’t say when we will have a report. [The way my notes read it sounds like they can file a CR plan after assessment while litigation goes on, but I got the impression in the meeting he meant that he can’t file CR until litigation is settled – I’ll check with Sekido and the Trustee about this] “I can’t say when we’ll have the report ready.”
How to voting will work. No decision yet, [this means they can’t confirm it yet but…] We have made the online system, I would like to use it. ultimately we have to get a decision on this from the court.
Communicating with creditors, he takes the point that the english comms are bad and will look at doing something better in future.
L. Flemming’s lawyer asked: about coinlab’s claim being partially approved. Chart has 6 rows for 7 creditors so that approved number doesn’t neccessarily apply to coinlab. It’s split by denomination. not claimant.
CR means reastart process. under BK already rejected coinlab. But we know substance of argument. Considered already under BK. This will speed things up. If the claimant not satisfied, they can bring trial proceedings, so hard to say when we will reach a conclusion. No clear date that we can give you. [this is the bit that makes me think they won’t start CR until Coinlab has been through the courts]
Another Q How to verify offline claims? Results by email. When? not yet sent? Is email going to claimant or to representative. Is there another way to verify outcome? Offline claims, can they not go online. It would be better if you verified all claims online. Answer: Working on email at the moment, issue shortly. Email address supplied by claimant. Website security is an issue. Because of that offline claims are staying offline. Under law, submitted outcome to court, go to court to get results
Fukuoka’s collegue Q. Self admitted claims. Breakdown – BK and non BK zombie claims. What you gonna do about it? Answer: Under CR proposal still assessing how to deal with this. Not yet come up with any policy. [A politicians answer, which I think is good. the fact that they’ve split these out, makes it easy for us to object. They are expecting our objection. I’ll be discussing BK zombies on friday]
Maurice lawyer: [This is J Maurice? aka Wiz, former partner in Wizsec] Do you Plan to establish an exchange, to make settlements, how are you thinking of distributing. Answer A plan is not finalised yet. But I’ll give you my understanding. While we have started CR, Gox is no longer in business, so I don’t think we’d be able to have that exchange adopted. So it comes down to how we distribute in cash or crypto. Crypto – we are not able to use blockchain to pay it out, (direct payments) so we would have to use an exchange to do that. Significance of using exchange is that it would involve creditors to sign up as users. We pay exchange, exchange distributes settlement, We would use the creditor account balance as a reciept for settlement.
Lawyer Q: on Cash or BTC? If you are liquidating more are you doing it the same way as before. Are you able do disclose method for liquidating. Answer If we decide we should sell btc, consult with court and use appropriate method. Still not decided.
Trustee asked for a show of hands, given the price drop from last meeting, on who want BTC and who wants him to sell. No hands for selling, lots of hands for BTC. [I think he’s getting it] he also said he would be using the online system to collect opinions on this again.
Judge: Next meeting 1st of October. 1h30pm. Same venue.
Andy Pag – These are my notes, which may contain errors and should not be used to base legal or financial decisions on. I am not a lawyer. This does not constitute legal advice.
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It's Tipping Tuesday! BCH PLS, did you get the memo? Bitcoin is Cash!

It's Tipping Tuesday (FAQ link)!
For newcomers: Welcome! Leave a comment or question and receive a tip from our generous community!
I especially encourage those who've never received a tip to come forward!
For everyone who's done this before: Get tipping on any tipbot of your choice! [1] [2] [3]
Recommended tip: 300 bits
Whitepaper: (identical to - guess why!)
If anyone is able to translate the FAQ into another language, please PM me or see this BCHBazaar post, the offer still stands!
Tipping bots:
[1] /tippr (@tipprbot on Twitter)
[2] /chaintip ,
[3] /bchtips
Pros and cons of each tipping bot? CityBusDriverBitcoin made an awesome table for you!
Tipbot weather report: (Wed) chaintip is back up again! Thanks Tibanne!.
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It's u/chaintip's first cake day and here are some stats from the on-chain tipping.

Please let me know if you'd like me to remove your name.
Tips: 3487
Claimed: 2631
Returned: 856
Total tipped: 16.014 BCH
Total returned: 1.618 BCH
Largest Tip:
Distribution of claimed vs returned tips:
Top 13 tippers by value:
('crasheger', 0.16366452),
('BitcoinCashHoarder', 0.17800122999999998),
('alwaysAn0n', 0.2126823),
('LovelyDay', 0.2331799999999997),
('DoomedKid', 0.26509176),
('ShadowOfHarbringer', 0.28966415999999995),
('KoKansei', 0.37498614999999996),
('Tibanne', 0.4814748099999998),
('CityBusDriverBitcoin', 0.7410441800000002),
('jarenfeser', 1.4521157800000002),
('Life_after_moon', 1.4955423800000005),
('where-is-satoshi', 1.97366478),
('ErdoganTalk', 2.531063649999954)
Top 13 tippers by frequency:
('Kain_niaK', 49),
('jarenfeser', 53),
('cryptorebel', 61),
('A_Recent_Skip', 61),
('Vincents_keyboard', 91),
('BitcoinXio', 96),
('Brilliantbit8', 97),
('DoomedKid', 104),
('josiahromoser', 117),
('crasheger', 128),
('Tibanne', 194),
('LovelyDay', 361),
('ErdoganTalk', 738)
Top 13 tippees by value:
('donkeyDPpuncher', 0.12642225),
('utopiawesome', 0.12648301),
('jonas_h', 0.1294146),
('BonitaTerror', 0.13684243),
('Bibi489', 0.15166129),
('derekmagill', 0.15839197000000002),
('JonathanSilverblood', 0.16817845999999997),
('DitoSmith', 0.20724730000000002),
('imaginary_username', 0.21575772000000001),
('peopleb4things', 0.22249759000000002),
('SomosPolvo', 1.00890924),
('MobTwo', 1.0469825000000004),
('markblundeberg', 1.86350661)
Top 13 tippees by frequency:
('josiahromoser', 9),
('bambarasta', 10),
('derekmagill', 10),
('Elatedonion', 10),
('cryptorebel', 11),
('rdar1999', 11),
('DitoSmith', 11),
('unwriter', 12),
('jonald_fyookball', 15),
('chefticus', 15),
('peopleb4things', 20),
('Kain_niaK', 24),
('Tibanne', 36)
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You cannot make this shit up: Mark Karpeles has been hired by team fraud & co.

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5/29/14 - First Bitcoin Scholarship, Dish Network teams ... How Do I Get Bitcoins? How Do I Buy Bitcoins? Step By Step Instructions

This is the approved revision of this page, as well as being the most recent. Bitcoin and crypto-markets are teetering from a massive sell, this close to halving. The markets were looking fairly bullish early in February. However, things seems to have to taken an ugly turn too fast. ... Nevertheless, the total amount of Bitcoins are further entangled in another lawsuit with CoinLab and Tibanne, who claim major portions ... This page is a stub. Help by expanding it.see Mt. Gox sold March 6, 2011 to Mark Karpeles and Tibanne company. Not long after, the exchange revealed that the user details of 60,000 Mt Gox users had been compromised. The Bitcoin price on Mt ... This page is within the scope of WikiProject Mt. Gox, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Mt. Gox on the Bitcoin Wiki. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.: Stub: This page is a stub.: Mid: This page has been rated as mid-importance on the importance scale.

[index] [10287] [26097] [3239] [13331] [1764] [13916] [9043] [28714] [33290] [14977]

5/29/14 - First Bitcoin Scholarship, Dish Network teams ...

However, the site abandoned Magic and became a bitcoin exchange, quickly growing to handle 60% of the bitcoin exchange volume, as of August 2013. It was established in 2010. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue