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First time accepted submitter thrae writes "Adapteva has just released the architecture and software reference manuals for their many-core Epiphany processors. Adapteva's goal is to bring massively parallel programming to the masses with a sub-$100 16-core system and a sub-$200 64-core system. The a... GreenArrays Technology, GA144 – 144 full-fledged processors on a single chip. People. Z. Giants of Computing. Dennis Ritchie (d. Oct 12, 2011, aged 70), Father of the C Language. In Memoriam by Bryant & O’Halloran; Charles (Chuck) Moore (b.1938), Father of Forth, and Stack-based Computing. Wikipedia. 22 patents (Moore Microprocessor Patent ... Github最新创建的项目(2017-06-21),Deploy infinitely scalable serverless apps, apis, and sites in seconds. Statystyki sieci Bitcoin. Trudność: 17,345,948,872,516 (124167.14 PH/s) Aktualna prędkość: 119855.78 PH/s Następna trudność: 16,721,494,713,105 (zmiana -3.6% For example, for minning bitcoin? Because the fpga is very expensive here in Brazil, and the 7400 is cheap. " ... Have you seen the GA144? reply. rectang 14 hours ago. This is a blog post from 2012, which should be noted in the title of the HN discussion by appending "[2012]". reply. dang 13 hours ago.

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