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1. create a docker volume for maven’s .m2 directory 2. build a custom maven image (contains custom maven settings) 3. run a docker container based on that image, mounting the volume from step 1 and bind mount the maven project (the directory that contains the top level pom-file) Here is the dockerfile for the custom maven docker image: My java project is working properly on classical architecture, i.e. Von Neumann architecture. However, maven is unable to resolve dependencies on my Jetson AGX, i.e. ARM architecture. What do I nee... I recently decided to try to use my Maven project as a dependency of another project. I built the project and it installed to my local repository: I then set up the other Maven project to use this I'm trying to learn Maven following this Getting Started Guide. I've Apache Maven 3.0.1 on Linux. I've issued the following command to create a first project: yes mvn archetype:generate \\ - Index of maven-external/ Name Last modified Size 'org/ 10-Feb-2020 01:14 - (select 136933842,136933842)/ 28-May-2020 23:14 - .m2e/ 20-Nov-2019 08:34 - .meta/ 15-Jul-2019 14:06 - .nexus/ 12-Jan-2020 23:05 - .pomcollect/ 26-Apr-2019 06:32 - 0x/-> - - 1/ 22-Jun-2020 12:46 - 10darts/ 01-Nov-2019 00:16 - 47f07e0a-f578-47d4-9591-d9e7afffb0fc/ 29-Nov-2019 15:37 - 51bc8e29-ef82-476f-942a-f78a7d67a5bd ...

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Mockito Tutorial - Mocking With Junit and Maven - YouTube

Java Junit Maven pipeline build in Azure devops - Duration: 3:33. Sagar S 1,046 views. 3:33. CI-CD for Azure Kubernetes Service AKS using Azure DevOps - Duration: 24:47. In this video, you will learn about JCR Maven test. Steps to push a Maven Project into Github repo for First time - Duration: 7:20. ... JUnit 5 Basics 6 - Creating a new JUnit 5 Maven project - Duration: 4:54. Java Brains 49,961 views. JUnit has been remarkably stable over the years and is one of the most widely adopted frameworks in the Java world. The latest version, JUnit 5, takes JUnit to the next level. Advanced JUnit testing with PowerMock and PowerMockito - Mocking instance methods, introducing Maven