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Indexers: omgwtfnzbs vs nzbgeek vs dognzb vs althub vs piratenzb

So as of late, my first love in indexers - oznzb - has fallen on hard times and I've had to augment my indexers list. Those mentioned in the title are some of the ones I've been looking at. What are your experiences with these? Which do you recommend? Do you have any other suggestions?
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[W] Dognzb,, and OMGWTFNZBs invite

Looking for acceptance in to Dognzb,, and OMGWTFNZBs invite please
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[W] Requesting DogNZB invite

I'm a noob having the hardest time filtering out those codec virus bs files on the free search provider I'm using. Would greatly appreciate an invite.
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[W] first time redditor here looking for any invites to DOGNzb, OMGWTFNZB or I appreciate any help and TIA!

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[W] OMGWTFNZB or DOGnzb invite

im excited to see what these sites have to offer. Thanks in advance.
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[W] / dognzb / omgwtfnzb Request!

To be perfectly honest, been using usenet for 4 years, and I've never used a descent indexer. As I'm trying to automate my downloading habbits I'm looking for a good indexer.
I don't know any of them really, but if any accept paypal(not bitcoins) as donations\vip status I would prefer them!
Thank you!
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[W] New to Usenet , Need Invites to get started ( Dognzb/

I Read a little here and there about usenet and now i am trying to start using it , till now i have been trying to use nzbid , but 95% of what i download is a virus or fake .. i am fed up with this fakes . i read about the best indexers in the Net . Most seem to recommend these 3 ( Dognzb,, and OMGWTFNZBs ) . so i am trying to get in wither of them to start up my usenet journey .
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[W] Omgwtfnzbs, Dognzb, or a invites new years miracle!

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[W] DogNZB, OMG or, just starting out and really struggling to get anything going.

Thank you
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[W] Does anybody have a spare DOGNzb,, OMGWTFNZBs or nMatrix invite they are willing to pass on?

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I have BFF status for usenet-crawler it works great for me but I would like to expand my options. Looking for invites to these great private usenet sites. If anyone would be so kind as to send an invitation my way I would very much appreciate it! Many thanks in advanced.
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[W] / Dognzb / / OMGWTFNZBs invite please

I would really appreciate it if someone could send me an invite to any of these websites. Stopped using usenet when newzbin was closed and I'm looking to return to this wonderful world. Appreciate any help! thanks!
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[W] DogNZB or Invite, Will Beg :)

Any kind souls out there want to help a brother out?
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[W] anybody have a spare omgwtfnzbs or DOGnzb invite?

pm me if you do, thanks
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(W) omgwtfnzb or dognzb invite please?

Been looking for both of these for years, I would really appreciate it if I could snag one of these. Thanks
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[W] Looking for an or OMGWTFNZB og DOGNZB invite?

I am looking for any decent indexer. Please share the invite if you have any to spare. thank you.
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[W] I'm craving a Dognzb invitation.

I'd like to receive an invite for dognzb. Here's my situation: As of the reason that I can't get bitcoins easily in my country, I'd really appreciate an invite for dognzb. Thank you in advance.
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[W] Can Santa give me a an invite to, omgwtfnzb, or dognzb?

Please!?!? And thank you all for your time :)
I been a good boy all year!
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[W] Indexer invite needed, DogNZB or omgwtfnzb would be appreciated

Recently my whole HTPC automated system has gone down due to unreliable indexers. I'm getting grief from my partner and need to get it resolved. The only decent indexers left are invite only. If someone could help me out you will be literally saving me ear ache. Thanks in advance
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[W] OMGWTFNZBs,, and/or DogNZB would be very much appreciated.

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[W] DOGnzb / OMGWTFNZBs / / Invite. People keep asking me to PM them but nobody has actually followed through :(

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[W] Invite to DogNZB

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Reviews of the Best NZB Sites. 1. Easynews has the best Usenet search results and includes Usenet access. Easynews ( has everything you need for complete Usenet access without the need for NZBs or software.This web-based Usenet service includes unlimited high speed Usenet access with the best file retention rates and largest database available. DogNZB certainly has a considerable measure letting it all out. The Bitcoin sign up option is an awesome feature for those who want to stay as unknown as could reasonably be expected, obviously. With another main payment provider, the site ought to be opening up for registrations yet again. DOGnzb is open for registration. Last time they opened registration it was only for a few hours though so if you want an account we suggest you register fast. New members typically receive a 30 day free trial for the site. After that you can continue using DOGnzb for a fee. Unfortunately DogNZB no longer offers lifetime accounts. Instead they ... Alternative Options: DogNZB (invite-only) is a great indexer when it comes to extra features like push nzbs to your usenet downloader software. But they do not provide the amount of quality releases they did in the past and our recommended indexers are the better option now. The donation system requires that you use Bitcoin the first time but, after you join, you can renew on a credit card. has a lot of nice features and the price is very affordable. Some users had complained about issues with getting their membership set up, but those issues have long since been fixed and the site continues to improve.

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