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Coinbase (online wallet) or MultiBit on Mac (local wallet client) for my first bitcoin?

I'd like to get my first bitcoins today but I was wondering if I should choose an online wallet or a local one.
I do backups.
Which should I choose? Something else? What do you use?
Thanks a lot!
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Bounty: 1.5 Million DOGE for the first person to create an electrum equivalent for dogecoin.

Houston, we have a problem.
The current dogechain over 1.4gb in size. This is incredibly bloated.
As time goes on, the size of the blockchain will only continue to increase, making sync times longer. Long sync times are bad because they may scare off newcomers who may need to download for hours or days before using dogecoin.
For obvious reasons, this is very bad.
Bitcoin has solved this problem by creating electrum and multibit, which are wallets that stores the blockchain online, but the wallet data locally. This allows for very small wallet sizes, with all the security features of having a local wallet.
We must do the same thing.
We have therefore decided to offer millions of dogecoins for anyone that can create an electrum equivalent for dogecoin.
If any shibes wants to help increase the size of this bounty, please donate to DMxCwo7qJphRVeC6pHcoDHaizk55pg6iNt . This address will only ever be used for the pot. Please do not tip me directly, because I need to keep track of money meant for me vs. money meant for pot.
tl;dr: Wow. Downlod much difficult. Hueg fil. need fix 2 get 2 moon. Such payment 4 fix. Such gud 4 new shibe. Bark bark.
Current Pot Size: Zero. Bounty has been paid out. See this for history
Note: I only control a portion of the total size of the pot. The rest are by individuals who have promised to give directly.
Much Generous Shibes who have contributed to the Pot:
Tuxedage, [-wolong-] (1m, give directly), thatslifeon (0.5m, give directly). tohaz (0.5m, GD) Shibe_Tabsa @ Teamdoge. mljsimone @ Hashdogs, Keebler64 , McPingvin, TheDoctor , need4doge , ummjackson, Faxon, UltraHR, UnsureSherlock, cpt_merica
Please message me with your name and donation amount if you want to get on this list.
 . . 
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS -- If you are working on this project, please check here for important updates every few days

1: I see a lot of people tipping. I've already said this once, but I'll say it again. Please don't tip if your intention is to add to the pot. Send directly. I bear no responsibility if your funds are misplaced or accidentally lost.

2: I am now aware that an android wallet exists. Although I thought it was obvious from context, let me reaffirm this: I would like a wallet that works on Windows/Mac/Linux, and has an easy to use installer, rather than necessitating some kind of android emulator to port it over to a computer. It must be newbie friendly.

#3: Langer_hans has brought up a valid point -- the current phrasing of the thread is dangerous because it encourages bad, but quick submissions, as only the "first person" gets the bounty. I am proposing changing the system; users will vote on which wallet they like best. The one with the most votes will get the bounty instead. This should encourage people to actually make good quality submissions, and also to collaborate. What do you guys think?

4: 15th of February is the final deadline for wallet entree submissions. Please message me with FULL DETAILS (including name, download information, website, user guide, other info, and so on) of your wallet to submit. Users will then get 1 week to try out different wallets and form an opinion of them. A week later, I will open up a poll for voting on which wallet is the best. Whichever wallet gets the most votes will obtain the prizepool. About 400k of the pot will be reserved for consolidation prizes, to be distributed at discretion. (So that shibes who didn't win won't feel sad).

*#5: Due to exogenous circumstances, competition will start on the 19th Feb as opposed to 15th. Sorry for the delay. *
** #6: VOTING IS OPEN. http://www.reddit.com/dogecoin/comments/1yhf5c/the_dogecoin_lite_wallets_are_complete_vote_now/ **
If you need to contact me urgently, please go to the dogecoin IRC -- #dogecoin @ irc.freenode.net and message me.
List of Submissions
If you do not see your name or entree on here within 48 hours of messaging me, please message me again until I add it.
Final Update:
Given the incredibly close results of the poll, the Developers and I have privately discussed how best to distribute the bounty. They have mutually agreed to a 50-50 split. The bounty has been paid out. Cheers.
People who have pledged to directly donate to the developers, please message me. Thank you
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Bitcoin noob looking for help

So, I learned about Bitcoin the other day and I wanted to start mining. For christmas I'll be getting the new Mac Pro, and I know it won't be as fast as the ASIC machines, but I figured it could still work. I want to join a pool, but I just don't know how to get started. So my questions are: 1. Is it even worth it? (Even if I make a little bit I think it'd be fun, I'm not trying to get rich or anything) 2. How do I get set up? (I have MultiBit because the official client took 3 days, and then my computer crashed -__-)
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MultiBit Wallet Deleted Out of the Blue :/...Will Give Reward To Whoever Successfully Helps Me

Last night I checked my MultiBit Wallet(I keep a very small amount in there), I have just one encrypted wallet that i keep as a hot wallet. Last night I transferred funds to an exchange(again a very small amount). The transaction went through smoothly and I went to sleep(Note: I didnt turn off my computer).
When I woke up this morning to do another transaction I see that my wallet is not showing up on the client. I panicked and created another wallet(I DONT KNOW WHY I DID THIS). When I went to check my .wallet files in the file/open wallet tab the only .wallet file that was there was the new one i just created, not the old one with the bitcoins in it. When I went to check my transactions on that address there were two simultaneous transactions that took place. One of them was me sending it to the exchange address and the other transaction was not me. I was thinking that I have some sort of malware on the computer and my wallet was hacked. But for some reason there is still a large chunk of the bitcoins in the wallet.
I understand that it is not good practice to leave bitcoins in a client without have the proper backups. I admit I failed at securing my file(mainly because there was a very little amount in there) and there are ways to keep my files safer. Keep in mind that I did not accidentally delete any files. But in this scenario is there a way to somehow find the file on the computer or is it lost forever? I will reward $50 worth of bitcoin to anyone that can tell me the proper steps to recover my file.
My question is: Is there any way to recover my .wallet file that has the bitcoins in it on my mac?
EDIT It looks like I overwrote the original file. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP. This was an expensive lesson.
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BitCoin for Beginners - Mac OS Mining, Tips, Mining ... HOW TO MINE FOR LITECOIN USING YOUR MAC KeepKey - Setting up your Bitcoin Hardware Wallet for the First Time Bitcoin: Client-QT Wallet Update Version 0.11.0 Creando Monedero con MultiBit + TrueCrypt + Drive

How to Mine Bitcoin on a Mac. Bitcoin is a decentralised crypto-currency; computers around the world constantly mine for bitcoins by solving complex mathematical problems.Once a certain number of problems have been solved, a block of bitcoins is released.. The value of bitcoins has shot up since 2009 (though it has come back down from a peak of around $1,000 per coin to about $500 per coin). Following the advice on the bitcoin.org site, she chooses the lightweight bitcoin client Multibit. Alice follows a link from the bitcoin.org site to download and install Multibit on her desktop. Multibit is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux desktops. Bitcoin Core is the official desktop Bitcoin wallet developed by Bitcoin core developers. It is a full node client meaning, one needs to download the whole Bitcoin blockchain to send/receive a transaction which is a memory intensive process. The core acts as a full node as well as provides wallet functionality for managing Bitcoin. Welcome to MultiDoge. MultiDoge is a thin client Dogecoin wallet. It's a port of the MultiBit client for Bitcoin. The app is based on DogecoinJ, which in turn is a port of BitCoinJ ().You can find DogecoinJ here. langerhans ported all the needed changes for Dogecoin compatibility over. This program uses a special branch of it, which can be found here. ... Bitcoin Wallet Mac Informer. Featured Bitcoin Wallet free downloads and reviews. Latest updates on everything Bitcoin Wallet Software related.

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BitCoin for Beginners - Mac OS Mining, Tips, Mining ...

This is part 2 of the Bitcoin For Beginners video series! In this part we will address some of the issues people are having in Part 1 with the Bitcoin Wallet... Hello everyone, just a quick video about the details around the newest bitcoin core QT wallet version and why you should update. Forum Post: https://bitcoint... This is a short video of me talking about my ASICminer USB Block Erupters on my Macbook Pro in OS X. They are plugged into a 9 port ANKER USB hub. Easy Bitcoin Electrum Wallet/Client tutorial for beginners. 2014. - Duration: 14:10. ... Download the Multibit.org Bitcoin Wallet (subtítulos en español) - Duration: 5:35. MultiBit runs on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Hive is an OS X-based wallet with some unique features, including an app store that connects directly to bitcoin services.